Software Solutions

Based on your own aspiration you can select any of Qmatic’s software solutions. Start with a Solo solution to get you going or if you have advanced need select the modern enterprise CEM platform Orchestra.

Orchestra uses open and preferred enterprise tools, favoured industry standards and leading-edge conventions to create a product that is outstanding not in the field of CEM but amongst all enterprise back office solutions.

Our range is flexible and scalable meaning that you will be able to re-use previous investments when the system is expanded.

Solo (On location)

Qmatic Solo is a perfect match to control the customer flow and to support staff serving customers in any environment. We have created Solo to be modular, which means that you can start with a base solution to suit your needs and pocket – and add features as your situation evolves.

Solo is proven through thousands of installation and it is a simple, powerful and stand alone system that; 1) Organizes queues and provides management information, 2) Is easy to install, stand-alone and no need for a PC, 3) Is ideal for branches with multiple service categories and basic needs and 4) Allows central monitoring of branches using the central software Qmatic Management Portal.

Orchestra (Enterprise)

orchestra-boxOrchestra will change the way your business operates at the sharp end where the customers are. Orchestra puts you in central control of your customer’s experience. Orchestra allows you to define the way your team will handle customers when they visit your branch – any of your branches. It allows your whole organisation to work in harmony – no matter how large or complex it is.

Orchestra uses leading-edge enterprise IT standards. This use of the latest and most open standards guarantees the future-proof capability of the system. Orchestra works on the most common, up to date and open world-class standards. That means that it’s designed to work for you.

Solo Linea (Stand-alone solution)

With Solo Linea, the process is managed and fair so that customers are more willing to wait. Simply put, they know it’s just a matter of time before being served. Using the audio and visual prompts, you can serve more customers with less resource. This is good for customers – and more cost effective for you.